Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coin slot, there's an app for that!

If you haven't read yesterday's blog yet, please read that first, because this will probably be kind of disturbing and confusing without the back story.

My sister's friend, Tim Babasade, was inspired by yesterday's blog to create a new game for iPhone and Droid. It involves putting various things into my coin slot.* It's just a conceptual mock-up at this point but oh yeah, there's art.

It's gonna be huge! Everyone's gonna be playing! We just need a name. Suggestions welcome. Bring 'em on, you bunch of pervs.

* Coin slot pictured is not actually my coin slot.


  1. Oh thank God it's not just me. I think about putting things in your coin slot all the time! (okay I might be exaggerating a little)

    Getting your own app has to feel A-Fucking-Mazing... even though you know people will be virtually shoving things in your coin slot all day.

  2. How about Crack Addict ? Crack Addiction?