Monday, February 13, 2012

The Monday morning Zumba dilemma

I recently started taking a Zumba class on Monday mornings while my kids are in preschool. It’s awesome. I love the teacher, and I get to show up all healthily flushed with sexy sweaty workout hair at pick-up time and pretend to fit in with all of those sporty moms at my preschool who are training for triathlons and crap. But mostly I just love the teacher and love getting a workout in without having to miss quality time in the evenings with my hubby on the couch watching The Bachelor or The Voice.

Anyway, on to the dilemma. Sooooo let's say, just hypothetically, that you spent the weekend lounging around in your jammies. You cleaned the house and cooked and stuff. It's not like you napped all day. I mean, not both days anyway. Whatever. Your jammies were just so comfy. And no one was coming over. And who really showers on the weekends anyway? Oh, all of you? Really? Crap. Well, OK, I don’t. I showered Friday and then… nothin’.

So then Monday morning rolls around. For those who are math challenged, that’s three days. That’s gross, even by my admittedly lax standards of hygiene. But you’re about to go work out. It would be really dumb to shower right before a workout. But you might have to lift your arms over your head and wave them around and stuff. Your hair looks kind of OK and honestly, you don’t really smell. But what if the sweating activates your latent stink all at once?

What do you do, gentle readers? What do you do?

Oh right. You guys all shower on weekends, huh? Crap.


  1. I stayed at home all weekend in my pajamas too. No shower. Same pajamas. It's not gross because I napped the whole time!

    P.S. I ALWAYS shower before I workout,(which is so rare anyway!)is that weird?

  2. It's not gross to go 3 days without a shower. Honestly.

  3. Remember the shirt I "washed" in the pool when I went swimming and then felt compelled to explain when you complimented my necklace (designed to distract from my unshowered for days yet swimming pool cleaned state)?