Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bath time happy hour and ego shred

Bath time is ME time. Hot, hot water in my deep Jacuzzi tub, a glass of wine, and my kindle loaded with the brain candy I love so much. Now the obvious observation is that caring for two energetic preschoolers is not really compatible with happy hour bath time. Sadly, that’s true. So I usually take my baths at night, when the wine is slightly more socially acceptable anyway. But lately, I have been working out in the evening, so if the man and I want to get in some high quality American Idol time together before he falls asleep, bath time gets cut short.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was doing the backbreaking job of lifting and stacking huge 18”+ diameter logs from a downed tree, I knew I was earning some serious bath time. So when my back twinged one time too many and I called it a day, sore and sweaty, I stripped down (yes, I went inside first), and headed to my happy place. Oh yeah. Hot, hot water. Kindle. Sinking in like a lobster to be boiled… Aaaand my daughter comes wandering in, asking in her sweetest little angel voice if she can come in the bath with me. She likes the hot water as much as I do, but of course she can’t have it as hot as I like it, so I run some cooler water. Sigh. She starts splashing, so I put away my kindle. Sigh. She is completely adorable though. Practicing going underwater and holding her breath. Pretending to be a mermaid. It’s a different kind of wonderful.

Until she gets a load of my va-jay and informs me that it is yucky because it has hair on it. Uncool, kid. Uncool.

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