Friday, May 6, 2011

Follow-through follow-up

Just a brief post to follow up on yesterday's post about unfinished projects and my chronic lack of follow-through.

The Rubbermaid filing boxes are no longer in my office. It was not the two minute job I had imagined, because of course the garage stuff has been breeding again. I think the Christmas ornaments have been getting it on with the old Burning Man costumes, but whoever has been going at it, the stuff has expanded to fill the space that used to house the Rubbermaid filing boxes.

So you'll never guess what I did.

In my garage, there is a certain shelf. A high shelf, requiring not just a step-stool, but an actual ladder. As if that is not bad enough, the shelf can only be reached if I back my beloved minivan out of the garage, and then close the garage door. This is the shelf where things go to die. On that shelf, placed there when we moved into this house 6 years ago and not touched since, were two boxes. Two boxes labeled (I wish I were kidding about this): "Blankets/comforters to be cleaned."

Two big boxes of blankets... with cat puke or yard sale dirt or beach sand or some other substance on them that required laundering. For 6 years. Sigh.

But sigh no more! Because those boxes are now in the middle of my garage, and I brought the first batch down to the laundry room for washing. No, I didn't wash them yet, because of course the load of towels that is currently in the washing machine has been there for 2 days and has acquired the stink, so those are being washed again. But the first batch of blankets is next!

The blanket boxes freed up plenty of space for the filing bins, and then some. Score one for Unfinished Project Fridays!


  1. Awesome! Now what was it I said I was going to work on...?

  2. An e-mail, which I think you already sent. Changing out living room photos. Herb garden. Kitchen.

    This Friday, again.... who's with me?!