Sunday, November 11, 2012

If you give a mommy a new faucet

My kitchen faucet has seen its day.  It’s white plastic, ugly, stained, and when you pull out the handle to use the spray function, it won’t retract.  If you think it has retracted, but it’s not locked in place, it falls down, spraying you and the entire kitchen with water.  It completely sucks and needs to be replaced.  Here is the story of why I just keep living with it:

If you give a mommy a faucet, she is going to want a new sink to go with it.  A sink that is not scratched up and stained, a sink that is not white, a sink in which she can dump out half a cup of coffee without having to clean the resulting coffee stain with Comet or a Magic Eraser.

If you give a mommy a sink, she is going to want new countertops to replace the old laminate ones that have that telltale brown laminate seam, and have bumpy drips of superglue from the messy fixing of broken toys.

If you give a mommy new countertops, she would really prefer not to put them on the existing cabinets, which are dated country oak, and not her style at all, and which have curved panel doors that, even if painted, will never look modern.

If you give a mommy new cabinets, it really doesn’t make sense to put them on the cracked tile floor, because the flooring goes under the cabinets, and wasn’t installed correctly, leading to a long crack that runs through several tiles and gets longer each year.  Also, the floor is white and shows every single freaking drip and piece of dust.

And that is why I have a non-functional kitchen faucet.  The end.


  1. That is exactly what happened to us. We tried to add a new counter on a new island-thingy, but the pre-fab didn't exist anymore, so we added new counters everywhere, and while we were at it, and if were getting new counters, I wanted that new dishwasher to screw in the bottom, not the old one, and we got a new faucet because it is silly to reinstall an old yucky faucet. Almost splurged on a new sink, but managed to hold off b/c Brian buffed our stainless one and it seemed good enough. :) Maybe you can have Brian and I to do your counters, sink, and faucet after Christmas in trade for some babysitting or something? And new cabinet doors wouldn't be too hard another time.

    1. That sounds awesome! What I should really do, though, is just get a new faucet and a cheap-O Ikea sink if I can find one that fits in the existing cut-out. And then, later, when the kids are done with the play kitchen, do a larger remodel, because at some point, I am so cutting through the kitchen wall to make a bar area between the kitchen and dining room where the kids' play kitchen is now. And by then, surely we will have won the lottery. I mean, right? How long can you play and not win?

  2. Haha! That's why we don't start projects!

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