Thursday, July 28, 2011

Memo to my husband

Hi honey,

You may or may not notice that I tidied up today. Not noticing would not reflect poorly on your powers of observation, because the kids have already created enough new clutter to mask my Sisyphean efforts. But I did tidy, so some stuff might not be where you might expect.

I know it’s weird, but Wingo and Snot Rod (the “naughty cars” from Cars the movie) are not under our son’s bed in a monkey bowl. They are in the car basket in the playroom. The baby dolls are not in the laundry basket pretending to nap. They are in the perfectly scaled bed we have for them in which they apparently never sleep. That cubby in the playroom is once more home to all of the Sunny Patch and Wonder Pets stuffed animals rather than serving as an echoing, empty cave for Mario characters.

When in doubt, for today only, if you can’t find something, try looking where it actually belongs. Weird, I know. I would never have looked there either.

Love and kisses,
Your wife

P.S. Your socks, if you need them, are in the hamper.